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Too busy to learn Japanese? Good news: 10 selected useful twitter account
"I'm to start working in Japanese company from next week. An official language in the workplace is English, but my boss is a Japanese and I want to give him a good impression to communicate in Japanese. Wait a minute...I have no time to attend a Japanese conversation school by hard work! What am I going to do!?"
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Easy to make an informative speech script!! 6 points for a Japanese speech contest
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"It's my first participation in a Japanese speech contest, and I have no idea of how I write a speech script in Japanese!!"

Don't punic. There is no need to be so embarrassed. I introduce to you a speech template for a Japanese speech contest. The sentence flow is as follows.
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4 must steps for your Japanese audience to feel "It's an informative speech!"
"There are only a few weeks left by a Japanese speech contest, and I've prepared the script not perfect but enough to show. But my inner voice is whispering, "Your speech is just the one of a book smart and a cleche."
The point is an informative speech is to give my audience the necessary information in their places, isn't it? And what kind of measures can I take concretely? What is that grasp of the speech?"
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Only a few days left by the next Japanese class? Selected “text to speech online” services improve your speaking
"My teacher told me to read a bit long sentence in a Japanese speaking class yesterday. I thought It's no problem without any preparation, but in fact I couldn't read the text correctly, and was so embarrassed. I got some questions about the Japanese words' pronunciation, but being afraid of making another mistake, I couldn't ask the teacher them. All right, only a few days left by the next class. Now I try to study that by myself, and how can I improve?"
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